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Singapore High Court rejects the challenge to Section 377A

Singapore High Court rejects the challenge to Section 377A

April 30,2020

Parliament Watch

Centre tables Bill in Lok Sabha to increase the limit of termination of pregnancy from 20 to 24 weeks

In case of the pregnancy of 20 to 24 weeks, the proposed amendment provides for the requirement of the opinion of two providers for termination of pregnancy.

March 2,2020


LGBTQ+: Petition for marriage equality filed in Kerala High Court

Despite the decriminalisation of homosexuality, married homosexuals not entitled to matrimonial rights

January 29,2020

Case update

#MeToo: Priya Ramani pleads ‘not guilty’

Claims truth as her defence, as court dispenses with her personal appearance.

April 10,2019

Know Your Rights

Critique: The Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act

How effective is the functioning of the Internal Complaints Committee?

March 25,2019

Women's Day

Women’s day is a chance to replenish

Big wins, but patriarchy is still alive

March 8,2019

Women's Day

Muslim Women’s Struggle against Triple Talaq

Women want change and now is the time.

March 8,2019

Section 377

Bombay HC: Extramarital consensual gay relationship isn't a criminal offence

In the present case, the Bombay High Court has correctly settled the proposition that an extramarital consensual gay relationship is not a criminal offence; just like how it is no more a criminal offence in case of a heterosexual spouses. However, such a relationship comes under the purview of “adultery” as a ground for divorce (civil wrong). The Bombay HC judgment signifies the social acceptance of homosexuality as human nature, and it is a step closer to recognising gender equality and different sexual orientations.

February 4,2019

Women's rights

Misuse of #MeToo movement?

So far, the rule of thumb that prudent men followed was that if you are harassing someone, you will know that you are; it isn’t something you do unknowingly. But cooption of the tools of the #MeToo movement i.e. public shaming with a call to ostracise, by some women to deal with incidents that were basically bad judgment calls by them in their younger days is leading to two very serious problems. One, it is giving plausible deniability to men who have rightfully been accused of harassment. And more disturbingly, it is reducing career opportunities for women in industries that are controlled by men.

January 7,2019

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