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Nehmat Kaur

Nehmat Kaur is an advocate at the Chambers of Senior Advocate Indira Jaising. Prior to this, she has worked with Software Freedom Law Centre (, New Delhi on issues of online censorship, Aadhaar, and data protection. Her areas of interest include constitutional law, human rights, and the intersection of technology and civil liberties.


Know Your Rights

Sexual Harassment at Work: Part I

As per the 2013 Act, the definition of sexual harassment (Section 2(n)) is hinged at “unwelcome” acts, whether directly or by implication, which may include any physical contact and advances; a demand or request for sexual favours, making sexually coloured remarks; or showing pornography, or any other verbal or non verbal conduct of sexual nature.

December 27,2018

Law and Technology

#AadhaarVerdict: Which judge said what

The is a table detailing the provisions and of the Aadhaar Act that were challenged and the grounds argued for their unconstitutionality by the Petitioners; the responses of the respondents, along with the decision on each of the provisions by the three separate opinions.

September 27,2018

Law and Technology

Thank you to those who fought against Aadhaar

The petitioners are an interesting array of parties, two former judges, several academics, technologists, a few organisations that work for social justice, two retired army personnel who claim that Aadhaar is a massive national security threat, and individuals who have been not given their due services and benefits due to non possession of Aadhaar.

September 25,2018

Law and Technology

Data Protection Bill: Putting State over individual consent

While it creates a distinction between personal data, and sensitive personal data,the exemptions under Data Protection Bill include matters of security of state, for prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of contraventions of law, processing for purposes of legal proceeding, research, archiving, or statistical purposes, personal or domestic purposes, journalistic purposes, or manual processing by small entities.

September 2,2018

Democracy and Rule of Law

Supreme Court’s Delhi judgment explained

The aid and advice of the Council of Ministers on matters except those related to land, public order and police is binding on the Lieutenant Governor, who is a titular head — the five-judge constitution bench held.

July 6,2018

History and law

Delhi, a history of governance

Delhi government argues that only when there is a difference of opinion in the subject matters of land, police, and public order, can the LG forward the matter to the President for his decision in the matter.

June 15,2018

Democracy and Rule of Law

How legal are sting-ops?

The doctrine of public interest in sting operations as an ethical journalistic practice has undergone substantial jurisprudential exploration by the courts, both Indian and foreign.

June 12,2018

Technology and Governance

Translating Aadhaar into constitutional claims

The judgment in the second longest hearing in the history of the Supreme Court will be an indicator of the apex court’s understanding in matters of data protection and security, while hopefully making a case for prudence in assimilating technology with governance, without altering the citizen-State relationship.

June 11,2018

Right to Privacy

Right to Privacy

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