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Right To Informtion

Highest Judicial Office Under RTI Purview: An examination of the Positives and Creative Tensions in the Constitution Bench’s Opinions

Leaving the facts of the three cases aside, the common and individual opinions penned by the Justices clarify several interpretational matters for the benefit of both the seekers and holders of information.

November 14,2019

Right To Informtion

RTI: ECIL directed to disclose information on EVM and VVPAT deployment during the 2019 general elections

BEL rejects RTI application for EVM, VVPAT information; no response from Election Commission

November 14,2019


A call to amend the Senior Citizen Act, 2007

Power of maintenance tribunals to order the eviction of neglectful children from the unauthorized occupation of parental home currently ambiguous

November 13,2019

Rule of Law

India Justice Report 2019 – A report on the state of social justice in India

Justice not accessible: UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand fare poorly

November 12,2019


Read the suit-wise summary of the Ayodhya judgment

"The judgment is one. It is unanimous”, proclaimed the Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi, before starting to read out excerpts from the judgment in the Chief Justice’s Court.

November 11,2019


SC hands over Babri Masjid site to Central Government to build temple; decision unanimous

5 acres of land to be given to Sunni Waqf Board for construction of a mosque

November 9,2019

Case update

J&K HC refuses to examine petitioners’ claim of being under house arrest

Petition filed by farooq Abdullah’s family. Otherwise fine

November 6,2019

Case update

RSS Ideologue K N Govindacharya seeks NIA probe into WhatsApp spying row

Says WhatsApp has committed perjury before the SC

November 5,2019


As Delhi chokes it’s time to ask what we can do as citizens

Public emergency calls for public action

November 5,2019

Independence of judiciary See All

The Sign of Four
June 11,2018

By alerting the nation that ‘democracy was in danger’, the quartet of judges has upheld constitutional values at a time when the rule of law faces unprecedented attack.

Right to Privacy See All

The significance of the judgment lies not just in its protection of the right to privacy but in its insistence that no government, majoritarian or otherwise can violate the rule of law. Life is not a gift of the state but is a natural right, because it is.

Triple Talaq See All

A monumental victory
April 28,2018

The historical import of such moments is not complete without a reflection of cases past and especially when ‘ghosts’ of certain cases need to be exorcised to enable a vocabulary of non-discrimination and equality in our daily lives inside and outside of the courtroom.

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