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The Kashmir Conversation

A lament for Kashmir from Mumbai

By abrogating Article 370, the Modi government has broken a solemn oath India had taken when Jammu and Kashmir became an integral part of India.

August 13,2019

International Law

Security Council declaring Masood Azhar a terrorist is no victory for India

Azhar is still free to go about his regular business in Pakistan

May 14,2019


Of kangaroos, carpets, sweep order and sealed cover

The recent controversy concerning the Chief Justice of Wakanda

May 4,2019

Democracy and Rule of Law

Don’t turn Constitution into a piece of paper

A constitutional republic can only survive if there is a semblance of the rule of law. But yesterday the rule of law broke down. Raids and arrests occurred. Those who were arrested didn't have the charges read out to them. Arrest memos were presented in a language the courts couldn't follow and courts granted remands based on those memos.

August 29,2018

International Law

Israel's 'Basic Law' explained

Israel on July 19, 2018 adopted its Basic Law on Nationality. A salient feature of this law is that it declares Israel as the home of the Jewish people and states that the right to self determination vests exclusively with the Jewish people. In practice what this would mean is that in the event of a one state solution, the one state will have a Jewish character.

July 21,2018

Death Penalty

Death penalty is premeditated murder

The aim of punishment is reformative, otherwise everyone would get the death sentence for the smallest of crimes. The reformatory theory of punishment is one that acknowledges the guilt of society in creating a criminal.

July 15,2018

International Law

The Great American Retreat

US foreign policy now is subject to domestic political interests i.e., catering to a particular voter base, rather than being one that is about a broader engagement with the global community.

June 30,2018

Independence of judiciary

Big shame for legal fraternity

Under Manan Kumar Misra's tenure, the BCI has become highly politicised and no longer can maintain a legitimate sense of independence, or perform its job as a regulator properly.

June 27,2018

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