Book Review

Book Review

The Unsafe Home

“Conflict in the Shared Household: Domestic Violence and the Law in India”: A Review

July 27,2019

Book Review

Book Review: I am a Troll

Swati Chaturvedi's "I am a Troll".

April 9,2019

Book Review

Book Review: How to win an Indian election

Shivam Shankar Singh’s “How To Win An Indian Election: What Political Parties Don't Want You To Know"

March 13,2019

Book Review

The Insidious Interlocking of Caste And Gender In India

Uma Chakravarti’s “Gendering Caste Through A Feminist Lens”

March 12,2019

Book Extract

[Book Extract] The 'Common Maximum Programme': Lynchings betray an old pattern

A excerpt from 'Lynch Files: The Forgotten Saga of Victims of Hate Crime', by senior journalist Ziya Us Salam.

February 25,2019


Manto, the writer, was not a man

Writing, for Manto, was a violent transmission (or translation) of reality, where language speaks what it hears, and often fails to digest. Writing was Manto’s indigestible preoccupation. He was not looking for coherence, but instability. Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays Manto the way a refined artist pays tribute to another. His rendering of Manto allows you to reinvent the writer.

September 25,2018

Book Review

Babri masjid: 25 years on

A People’s History of Darkness: Humanising the Babri Masjid demolition tragedy

May 25,2018