History and law

History and law


A year on, the arrestees continue to languish in jail, denied basic necessities

June 26,2019

Social Justice

You think I will not call myself ‘Dalit’ because the State doesn’t want me to?

The term Dalit cannot die with one circular. It is an evolution of identity out of years of sufferance. No matter how hard the government tries to snap the associations of all suppressed classes, it will only emerge out louder, stronger and clearer.

February 19,2019

History and law

Partition and minority rights

If we move beyond the first glance and conduct a closer examination of Constituent Assembly debates, it’s amply clear that the Partition indeed was the running sub-text of the drafting process. In fact, the Constituent Assembly took notice of the unfortunate manner in which the Partition was unfolded, and certain members also referred to the uncountable deaths caused by the partition, a holocaust of massive proportions. The rights of the minorities guaranteed by the Constitution are quintessential examples of the fundamental rights which were deeply influenced by the Partition.

Republic Day 2019

Declaration as Republic of India in 1950 versus gaining of Independence in 1947

On August 15, 1947 when Great Britain eschewed its sovereign power, India become a wholly independent nation in the eye of International Law. On January 26, 1950, on declaration as Republic, India become a truly democratic nation by liberating itself from Princes in respect of their territory.

January 26,2019

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