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Mohan V Katarki

Mohan V Katarki is a senior advocate in the Supreme Court of India. He served as a Member of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore (2005-2008). At present, he is a member of the Advisory Board, Karnataka State Law University Students Law Review and the Board of Management and Planning, Karnataka State Law University. Mr Katarki developed a specialised practice in Inter-State Water Law concerning sharing or allocation of waters between the States in the Inter-State river and river valley. He has also presented papers at various national and international conferences and seminars including; Regional Conference on Water Resources at Teslic, Bosnia & Hercegovina (2001); International Water Law Conference at Colorado Law School, Boulder, U.S.A (2002); and Inter-State & International Water Disputes Seminar conducted by WB National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata (2013).



Should India revisit Indus treaty?

Is there a third option that could benefit India and Pakistan?

March 16,2019

Republic Day 2019

Declaration as Republic of India in 1950 versus gaining of Independence in 1947

On August 15, 1947 when Great Britain eschewed its sovereign power, India become a wholly independent nation in the eye of International Law. On January 26, 1950, on declaration as Republic, India become a truly democratic nation by liberating itself from Princes in respect of their territory.

January 26,2019


A liberal court

The September judgments of the Supreme Court of India under the judicial stewardship of the 45th Chief Justice Dipak Misra have made the popular media to say that the Supreme Court has emerged as a ‘liberal court’. The tag isn’t incorrect.

October 3,2018

Independence of judiciary

Avoiding executive overreach

The role of Parliament has been limited or confined only to the decision on the question of punitive action: namely removal of a judge based on the proven misconduct.

June 11,2018