Health Rights


Laws in the time of Corona

A list of the statutes invoked to counter the pandemic in India

March 28,2020

Women's rights

Fight against Female Genital Mutilation

UN vows to eradicate the practice by 2030

February 6,2020

Women's rights

Union Cabinet approves amendment to increase the limit of termination of pregnancy from 20 to 24 weeks

In case of the pregnancy of 20 to 24 weeks, the proposed amendment provides for the requirement of the opinion of two providers for termination of pregnancy.

January 29,2020

Health Rights

Explained: E-cigarettes & E-hookahs have no benefits

ENDS have been propagated as a safe alternative to smoking. With large data available on its adverse effects and the potential benefits, it appears that the harmful effects outweigh the potential benefits.

September 20,2019

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