Fundamental Rights

Fundamental Rights

Prisoners have the right to unmonitored conversations with their spouses, says Madras HC

“Prisoners, murderers and even traitors” have the right to life and dignity

May 31,2019

Law and Citizenship

Delhi HC quashes “Leave India” notice issued to Pakistani spouse of Indian citizen

Right to life includes the right of young children to live with their mother, says court

May 31,2019

Freedom of Press

Assange’s arrest: “Stolen Documents" and the assault on press freedom

Reminiscent of India, the stolen documents argument sets an “especially dangerous precedent for journalists, who routinely violate foreign secrecy laws to deliver information vital to the public’s interest”.

April 17,2019

Know Your Rights

Critique: The Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act

How effective is the functioning of the Internal Complaints Committee?

March 25,2019

Law and Citizenship

Today a citizen, tomorrow an enemy

A Critical Analysis of The Enemy Property Act, 2017.

March 24,2019

Case update

Constitutional validity of restitution of conjugal rights

Petitioners cite SC’s Privacy and Adultery judgments to buttress case.

March 15,2019

Women's rights

Working women’s manifesto demands government accountability

Calls for labour reforms, pay parity, greater participation of women labourers, Dalits, Adivasis in decision making.

March 12,2019

Book Review

The Insidious Interlocking of Caste And Gender In India

Uma Chakravarti’s “Gendering Caste Through A Feminist Lens”

March 12,2019

Case update

SC declines to entertain plea challenging Triple Talaq

“We can’t do much if the bill isn’t passed in the Rajya Sabha and the (Lower) House is now dissolved.” 

March 11,2019

Women's Day

The Indian glossary of gender justice

The Leaflet launches the Indian Glossary of Gender Justice on the occasion of International Women's Day.

March 8,2019

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