Scenes from the Ghazipur border: Capital, margins and the bridge of protests

At the Ghazipur border between India’s national capital Delhi and its largest state Uttar Pradesh, the convergence of heavy police deployment, barricades and logistical preparations paints a stark picture of a society grappling with dissent.

AS farmers mobilise for a ‘Delhi Chalo’ march, the tightening grip on their movement underscores a broader narrative of power dynamics and civil liberties. The sight of police personnel carrying lathis and tear gas, accompanied by buses filled with reinforcements, reflects a systemic response learned from past protests.

The farmers are demanding a law that will guarantee a minimum support price for their produce, four years after the Union government withdrew three controversial farm laws after similar protests in 2020.

Yet, amidst the uncertainty, the ripple effects extend beyond the protesters themselves, affecting nearby residents navigating rerouted traffic and disrupted routines. In this intricate web of resistance and control, the struggle for people’s rights intersects with the daily lives of those caught in its wake, reminding us that the quest for justice transcends mere boundaries and barricades yet curbed at the same. 


Chains and barricades: Curbing the farmers’ right to movement
Barricades stand as mute spectators against dissent, enforcing a divide between protesters and authorities
Symbols of authority, police officers wield lathis, a reminder of potential force in the face of anticipated protests
Prepared for escalation, police officers carry tear gas canisters, ready to be deployed amidst tensions
Standing watch: Police personnel ready for potential unrest
Prepared for the long haul, police personnel bring in food and water supplies for an indefinite stay
Support in motion, crane arrives to deliver essential supplies to deployed police personnel
Stranded in chaos: Commuters navigate through traffic reroutes near the protest site
Daily workers face the consequences of blocked roads and diverted routes
Police reinforce their positions as tensions persist at the border
Heavy police deployment and barricades mark the tense atmosphere at the Ghazipur border
Border sealed at Ghazipur, buses filled with police personnel await the protesting farmers
Heavy preparedness at the border a question mark over people’s right to protest and movement
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