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Nipun Saxena

Nipun Saxena is an advocate practising in the Supreme Court of India.



Miller Diaries: What the Indian democratic structures can learn from the UK example  

The recent landmark UK Supreme Court parliament judgement is colossal in its amplitude for the eyes of all democracies—which have adopted the Westminster System of governance—were fixated on its outcome

September 25,2019

Law and Technology

The curious case of a cryptic notification

Since Rule 4 of 2009 Rules nowhere contemplates the issuance of an omnibus notification, the very issuance of the notification is de hors the provisions of law, it does not further any Legitimate State Interest; on the contrary, it is against the very Rules under which the notification has been passed, leading credence to the widely-speculated belief that the notification may be one of the many steps to create a cyber surveillance infrastructure.

December 22,2018