Social Justice

Women's rights

Fight against Female Genital Mutilation

UN vows to eradicate the practice by 2030

February 6,2020

Gender Rights

LGBTQ+: Petition for marriage equality filed in Kerala High Court

Despite the decriminalisation of homosexuality, married homosexuals not entitled to matrimonial rights

January 29,2020

Social Justice

Bhopal gas tragedy: Justice Ravindra Bhat recuses from SC's 5-judge bench

The petition was heard 10 years after it was filed

January 28,2020

Social Justice

From the two existing Acts, IIM Ahmedabad is bound to implement the GoI reservation norms in its 2020 PhD admissions

The CEI Act, 2006 and The IIM Act, 2017 clearly shows that the IIM Ahmadabad's 2020 PhD admission process, as wholly unconstitutional and discriminatory.

October 21,2019

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