Women’s rights

Women's rights

New Supreme Court guidelines must settle maintenance issue once for all

The apex court recently appointed two amicus curie to assist the court in framing guidelines on payment of maintenance to distressed women in matrimonial disputes.

September 20,2019

Women's rights

Judges betray their misogyny by calling women in live-in relationship as concubines

The recommendations of Rajasthan rights panel on live-in relationship lack understanding of the complexities involved in human relations and betray deeply ingrained misogyny in our institutions. The proposed awareness campaigns must focus on sex education in adolescents, so that basic knowledge of sex doesn’t come from myths, folk tales or pornography.

September 10,2019

Women's rights

Law student goes missing after accusing former Union minister and BJP leader of sexual harassment

A law student from Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh accused former Union minister Swami Chinmayanand of sexual harassment in a video that  went viral on Saturday.

August 27,2019

Women's rights

Bangladesh top court removes ‘virgin’ word from Muslim marriage form

The recent court verdict, which is being seen as a landmark victory for campaigners, will see ‘virgin’ replaced with ‘unmarried’ on the marriage registration form

August 27,2019


Ganesh v. Sudhirkumar Srivastava and Ors

Relinquishment of the right to maintenance is against public policy

May 3,2019

Sexual Offences

Making Marital Rape a crime does not destroy the institution of marriage

Justice Dipak Misra’s comments display a patriarchal mindset.

April 11,2019

Case update

#MeToo: Priya Ramani pleads ‘not guilty’

Claims truth as her defence, as court dispenses with her personal appearance.

April 10,2019

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Part III | The Domestic Violence Act

In this part on The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 (the DV Act), we throw some light on the meaning of “marriage” and “relationship in nature of marriage”. The DV Act only applies to aggrieved persons who are in a “domestic relationship” with the accused.

April 3,2019

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