Right to deny

WHEN one codifies a right
A problem one might sow
A good example on this point
Is the fundamental right to know

So many committed activists
Wishing the good of the Nation
Campaigned incessantly and long
For the Right to Information

When the RTI Act finally came
Every activist was delighted
Under its sunshine transparency
Secret corners could be sighted

Soon RTI had many enemies
Especially those with a lot to hide
They began waging a war against
Activists and Act from every side

Beneficial legislation was fettered
By ingenious milord-made case law
Disclosure versus Privacy
Mounted interpretation’s seesaw

There are exceptions to disclosure
But they must pass a stringent test
Personal convenience can never
Prevail over larger public interest

‘Digital Data Protection Bill’
Is the latest missile in offing
It looks like another big nail
Is headed for the RTI’s coffin

Why are activists so concerned?
You have a right to ask “Why?”
It’s because our right to get info
May be subverted by a Right to Deny!