Lament of Milords

O Supreme Milords!
We may have retired
But can never tire
Of writing to be in the news.

We may have no ammunition
But we still can fire
Letters to you
as situations may require
Or to solicit your views.

O Supreme Milords!
Undesirable elements
Are severely undermining
Your supreme authority
Which we who have enjoyed it
Can solemnly declare
Befits temporal gods!

Vested elements are striving
Into forbidden areas are diving
To erode the public’s confidence
In these pillars of justice and equity
Of such splendour and beauty
That to warn you O Milords
We consider it our sacred duty!

Preserve your sanctity
Uphold your dignity
We support your impartiality
O pillars of justice and equity
We are committed to
Preserve your beauty!

Beware of these elements
These narrow political interests
Which attack you because
Their minds are narrow.
But let your shoulders be broad

Just take such action
against these elements
That they learn a lesson
Which later on you can
Teach in your lectures abroad!

The Leaflet