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Another election

Supreme milords have clout
Supreme milords have reach
Though no one likes to be taught
Supreme milords love to teach

One milord says “Trust the EVMs”
Another says “Don’t forget to vote”
It seems as if they are running
Voter awareness campaign by rote

Media has its vested interests
Playing with anxieties and fears
Misleading the gullible public is worth it
If it ensures the status quo for five years

Those who own nothing of worth
Have just a “valuable vote” to sell
Bidders with bonds and cash
Understand this reality too well

So we have another election
Which will be fully free and fair
Record-breaking votes will be cast
Even if many voters aren’t there!

This is the charm of our system
This is how establishments run
There may be no justice anywhere
But it is always “seen to be done”!

The Leaflet