Why AI?

Use of real intelligence
Being absolutely minimal
Time has come to rely on
Accurate intelligence artificial

AI has the potential
To cut pending arrears’ size
To expedite final hearings
In short, to revolutionize

Automate easy tasks
Get rid of all the scribes
Digitising registry functions
Will eliminate the bribes

AI is the way in future
For scheduling of cases
No need to expend on
Senior gowns or faces

Milords are on ChatGPT
All bigwigs iPads tap
The less fortunate ones
Can study on WhatsApp

Information is important
Not so much knowledge
If you can be net savvy
No one asks your college

Heed Big Chief’s wisdom
Change with changing times
AI helps everyone equally
Commiting or detecting crimes

So join the milling crowd
Let AI your arguments make
Just a small word of caution:
Check if its citations are fake!

The Leaflet