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| @ | March 8,2019

GOBBLE D Gook is delighted by, not just the manner in which Senior Advocate Indira Jaising responded to the highly respected AG’s attempt to slot her as just “a wife” before the Apex Court, but also by the fact that it happened on the eve of Women’s Day!

By now, everyone knows how the learned AG reacted to Justice Arun Mishra’s query to Senior Advocate Anand Grover about who was the ‘Ms Jaising’ he was representing, as if it was a mystery which the Hon’ble judge couldn’t unravel! Thus the learned judge wanted to know if Ms Jaising was ‘Indira Jaising’ even though she was standing right behind! When Grover replied in the affirmative, the learned AG proffered this unsolicited advisory opinion: “You should say your wife”.

This brought Ms Jaising to the fore and she strongly objected:

“Mr Attorney, please withdraw your statement. I am a person in my own right. We are not to be identified as somebody’s spouse, wife or husband. Hence, we choose not to change our surnames. Mr Attorney please see me as a lawyer. It is my choice who should represent me in court”!

This exchange has now gone viral on various social media platforms and if the learned AG does not have the time to wait at these platforms he may, if he so desires, be briefed about what people are saying about his conduct in this matter. He may actually benefit from this exercise, if undertaken.

Gook feels it is much more interesting to read these brief opinions than to read briefs.

It was, however, gracious that the two protagonists in this court battle quickly rose above the forensic fireworks and withdrew into their own airspace without counting casualties. Or bursting firecrackers.

But Ms Jaising had made her point spontaneously, admirably. And memorably.

This feisty woman has shown the way to all women on the eve of ‘World Women’s Day’.

This Law-merick is dedicated to all feisty women everywhere, though inspired by the redoubtable Ms Jaising:


Whenever Patriarchy pops its head in sight

It is best to challenge it head on and fight


       Learn from Ms Indira Jaising

       If they provoke, you can sting!


Every woman is a person in her own right.

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