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The best part of practice
Is that money gets earned
Even when the matter
Is simpliciter adjourned

Even if the client reaches
The court just a bit late
His beaming lawyer informs
“We’ve just taken a date!”

And when he’s about to ask
“When that date would be?”
An enthusiastic clerk pipes
“Sir, what about our fee?”

This scene keeps repeating
He knows not what to do
“Where had i left my brain
When i decided i would sue?”

After years of such charades
When the case finally reaches
The Hon’ble gent sitting up there
Just pontificates and preaches:

“O why did you come to court?
Why didn’t you just settle?
I shall refer you to a mediator
Let him now prove his mettle!”

Clients feel like commodities
Passed from hand to hand
How all these guys became rich
They’re beginning to understand