Raju Z Moray

| @ | May 20,2020

We live in challenging times

Exclaimed the Hon’ble Minister

Have faith in the Great Leader

This is not something sinister!


We serve the Nation together

Everyday we virtually meet

And if we lose our direction

We just go by our Leader’s tweet


Today’s meeting is important

As it involves access to justice

Which must appear to be done

Lest they feel something’s amiss


It’s not about high stake matters

Which will continue to get priority

It’s about those frivolous PILs

Which keep on attaining majority!


Busybodies and interlopers

With nothing better to do

Join hands with the disrupters

And teach them how to sue!


Do you think the unfortunate

Forced to give meals a miss,

Have even read our Constitution

To demand Access to Justice?


Video-hearing will be the norm

Only the Net-savvy can approach

That will keep out old wayfarers

Who just complain and reproach


All agreed the Minister was right

Since no one asked why or how?

And it was unanimously decided

To keep the courts shut for now!


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