International Law

International Law

Killing of Gen. Soleimani a blatant violation of international laws

The killing must be condemned for its sheer illegality

January 16,2020

International Law

Decolonizing the International Law on genocide:

Canada accepts its atrocious present and the past

July 28,2019

International Law

Triumph of International Law

 India and Pakistan must have a comprehensive charter of rights for prisoners

July 27,2019

International Law

Kulbhushan Jadhav’s right to consular access affirmed by ICJ

International Court rejects India’s plea for annulment of Pakistan court decision

July 17,2019


Rohingyas: Genocide in the backyard

Political agenda has overtaken constitutional and international law protections

May 17,2019

International Law

Security Council declaring Masood Azhar a terrorist is no victory for India

Azhar is still free to go about his regular business in Pakistan

May 14,2019

Freedom of Press

Assange’s arrest: “Stolen Documents" and the assault on press freedom

Reminiscent of India, the stolen documents argument sets an “especially dangerous precedent for journalists, who routinely violate foreign secrecy laws to deliver information vital to the public’s interest”.

April 17,2019

International Law

Geneva Conventions apply to IAF pilot in Pak custody

India has cited the Geneva Conventions while asking for the immediate release of Wing Commander ​​Abhinandan. India objected to the “vulgar display of injured personnel of the Indian Air Force in violation of all norms of international humanitarian law and the Geneva Convention”.

February 28,2019

International Law

#PulwamaAttack: The forgotten option of the Law

The Indian government, cross party, has shown little creativity in their legal tool kit. Despite Pakistan being named, again and again, as responsible for the attack, no official has been named in an investigation or prosecution, or proceeded against legally. Can the Indian government do so? Currently, with great difficulty, but it can add to its legal arsenal, and use the law to build a case against Pakistan. The law offers a peaceful, accountable and legitimate response to terrorism.

February 26,2019

Human Rights Law

The Right to Truth

The Right to the Truth relates to the obligation of the State to provide information to victims or to their families or even society as a whole about the circumstances surrounding serious violations of human rights. The domestication of this right in India is a positive sign of dilution of state control and consolidation of constitutionalism. The article attempts to highlight the genesis of this right in International Law, how it finds an implicit space in our Constitution and implications of having the right in documentation of human rights violations and to counter the culture of impunity.

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