Representative Image Only | Courtesy: Moneycontrol

A royal mess

We are quite affluent
Have been called ‘royal’
To those who are in power
We’ve mostly been loyal

We lived a privileged life
Despite the ceiling laws
Mingling with our peers
Avoiding those with flaws

In a set-up led by the landed
We were the dominant caste
Till education and socialism
Made others climb up fast

The tillers from our stock
Have been met with a frown
In the hierarchy of castes
We were up, they were down

If privileges are a cake
We are it’s creamy layer
For saying this there’s no need
Of a commission or soothsayer

Now suddenly some want
To cut us down to size
Label all of us backward
A move that’s hardly wise

We don’t object if some
Find it difficult to agree
But it’s hard for us to say
Treat royals too as OBC!