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Parliament Watch

BJP MP Om Birla elected as Speaker of 17thLok Sabha

Congress, TMC support extend support to Birla

June 19,2019


Labour law reforms: The new labour minister has his work cut out

Simple codification will not give succour to labour or capital

June 19,2019

Public Statement

Lawyers Collective and trustees express shock at CBI’s FIR against them

“An attack on the right to free speech and expression; an attack on the legal profession”

June 18,2019


Rajya Sabha bye-polls: SC to hear Congress leader’s petition against EC notification on separate polls in Gujarat

ECI decision a violation of the RP Act; will upset proportional representation scheme, says petitioner

June 18,2019

बोल क्रांतिकारकांचे

भगत सिंगांचे सिद्धांत

त्यांनी केवळ भारतालाच नव्हे तर संपूर्ण विश्वाला खरीखुरी समता आणि शांतीचा मार्ग दाखवण्याच्या महान उद्देशाकरिता आपल्या प्राणांचे बलिदान दिले.

June 16,2019


गिरीश कर्नाड: एक प्रखर लोकशाहीवादी कलावंत

कलावंत संवेदनशील असतो आणि म्हणूनच त्याच्यात किंवा तिच्यात कुणालाही भिडण्याचे अदम्य धाडस असते.

सामाजिक चळवळ

झेप छावणीची-भविष्याच्या आशेची

इथल्या वातावरणात आणि इथल्या विचारात परिवर्तनाची जबरदस्त ताकद आहे.  

Social Justice

Re-establishing upper caste dominance over educational institutions

Movements to end reservations must be understood as movements to re-impose upper caste reservation

June 14,2019

Independence of judiciary See All

The Sign of Four
June 11,2018

By alerting the nation that ‘democracy was in danger’, the quartet of judges has upheld constitutional values at a time when the rule of law faces unprecedented attack.

Right to Privacy See All

The significance of the judgment lies not just in its protection of the right to privacy but in its insistence that no government, majoritarian or otherwise can violate the rule of law. Life is not a gift of the state but is a natural right, because it is.

Triple Talaq See All

A monumental victory
April 28,2018

The historical import of such moments is not complete without a reflection of cases past and especially when ‘ghosts’ of certain cases need to be exorcised to enable a vocabulary of non-discrimination and equality in our daily lives inside and outside of the courtroom.

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