Stay Orders

Of all those legal arts
Which in practice hold sway
By far the greatest
Is getting an interim stay!

For any counsel who
This magic code cracks
The daily earnings climb
To quite a few lakhs

An equally important art
After having got a stay
Is an art that’s known as
‘Practising infinite delay’!

Milords who didn’t appreciate
This ‘comfortable’ state
Ruled that lapse of long time
Will mean ‘automatic vacate’!

The judgment shocked
Put an unnecessary strain
So many vintage stays
Would go down the drain!

Restoration of status quo
Has brought back cheers
Just manage a stay Order
And hang on to it for years!

Of course milords know
That overruling is unkind
But anything automatic means
Non-application of mind

For many at the Bar
All’s well that ends well
Do such precedents help?
Only time shall tell.