Seats of power

We abolished all the titles
We got rid of imported Lords
We packed off Gora Sahibs
And discovered brown milords

Occupying seats of power
Always wanting to be served
They extract every privilege
Though it is hardly deserved

Enjoying a luxurious life
In plush AC 1st class coaches
Their bellies start protesting
As station and hunger approaches

How come no one is aware
Of travelling milord and wife?
Contempt for justice on holiday
Can foster domestic strife!

Issue notice to all responsible
And ask them to show cause
Otherwise his better half may
Lecture milord without pause

Is it fair for the supreme lords
To advise as if they are gentry?
Those who fly in aeroplanes
Don’t know our railway pantry

We do not care if our action
Is right or wrong, big or small
It offends the majesty of law
If no one answers milord’s call.