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Editor's Desk

The Last of the Mombattiwalas

A beacon of free and fair press, anti-Emergency warrior who had served jail time during Indira Gandhi’s regime, a pacifist and advocate of India-Pakistan peace process, and a fierce critic of Hindutva, Nayar was a ‘gentle colossus’ fondly remembered by almost every senior journalist in Delhi today.

August 23,2018

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Goodbye Somnath Chatterjee

With his death, India has lost an outstanding parliamentarian and an exceptional leader. In times of diminishing reverence for politicians and parliamentarians, he was the cynosure of all, displaying exemplary statesmanship and commitment throughout his illustrious career. As a Lok Sabha Speaker, Chatterjee introduced landmark changes and brought great dignity and respect to the office.

August 13,2018

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Statement of Purpose

The Leaflet is a small attempt to visibilise the deep connections the ‘pillars of democracy’ have with each other, and how one’s fall or steadfastness impacts the same in the other.