Unravelling the marriage equality judgment

The much-awaited judgment in Supriyo@Supriya Chakraborty versus Union of India was supposed to set a new landmark in the progress towards LGBTQI+ rights in India. It has set a landmark alright, but only as a reminder of how much work still needs to be done.

Contrary to the hopes of many, the judgment has been a damper— and a dry, academic and technical one at that. It has created more confusion and engendered many, many questions.

To cut through this fog of misinformation and misunderstanding, The Leaflet presents this discussion between Mohan Katarki, senior advocate at the Supreme Court of India; lawyer and assistant professor of law, Kunal Ambasta; and advocate Kanmani R. Lawyer and LGBTQI+ activist Rohin Bhatt moderated the session.

The Leaflet