Raju Z Moray

| @ | May 20,2020

How can one not appreciate and applaud?

How can anyone harbour a qualm or grudge?

When a momentous scholarly judgment happens

To read like the doctoral thesis of some judge?


A long judgment in a short and simple matter

Is no longer considered an unsolvable mystery

Brilliant judges are always writing for posterity

So they have to cover a lot of politics & history!


It may end up reading like a classroom lecture

But you must commend its philosophic diversity

Dissertations of such in-depth forensic analysis

Are usually found only at some foreign University!


The liberty of celebrities, very important persons

Should matter a lot to all organs of the Republic.

A judgment, however, is not for personal triumph

It’s made reportable for consumption of the public!


Great judges don’t just analyse the matter at hand

They are ever conscious of it’s wider ramification

The reputation of parties and counsel is insignificant

For all painstaking judges of our self-reliant Nation!


Observe how one comprehensive pronouncement

Is split into multifarious issues,aspects & particles

And keeps journalists of Online law portals busy

Milking that one judgment for several new articles!

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