Let us verify

Black coats everywhere
Exercise clout immense
So let us verify how many
Possess a practice licence

We will give them a month
To prove that they belong
By seeking such documents
Whose list we’ll make long

First they’ll need to show
Their licence to practice
Consequently, degree in law
Can never be given a miss

If they produce a law degree
Ask for proof of graduation
We cannot afford any fakes
In Bharat, our great Nation

If they do show some degree
Looking genuine and pretty
Don’t accept it at face value
Forward it to the university!

If they insist on practicing, ask
“Are you 10th standard pass?”
Check their marks to verify
Where they stood in their class!

And don’t you forget to verify
Anything tattered and torn
Insist on production of certificate
To prove that they were born!

Remember we’ll charge a fat fee
To make them knock on doors
Lakhs of black coats will end up
Enriching us by several crores!