Lawmerick: Gook on the latest legal developments

Gobble D. Gook read a very interesting news item very recently.
A forest officer who was known for his efforts to improve the conditions of elephants in the forests under his jurisdiction,was attacked and gored by one of those very tuskers who happened to be in a particularly bad mood one day.
Around the same time,newspapers carried an item about a heavyweight judicial worthy in Mumbai bashing incorrigible litigants (and by implication their lawyers) with heavy punitive costs for perceptibly avoidable delays.
While one of the hidden costs of protracted litigation for any litigant or lawyer is to risk being saddled with heavy costs,this worthy started saddling these old war horses with a burden which was too heavy to bear..
Now,Bigger Bosses have remembered their days at the Bar perhaps and leniently taken some of the load off in Appeal..
This Lawmerick is inspired by these developments
Milord would’ve disciplined his Brethren if he could
But then he could certainly be more misunderstood 
          Maybe he fretted,he cursed
          As his diktats were reversed
They say his law may go awry but his English is good!

-Raju Z Moray

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