Representational Image.

Chamber music

When some complained their
Allotted Chambers were too small
It led to unexpected reactions
You may say it was a judicial free-for-all

Big Chief himself said look at me!
In my time we hardly got any fee
To think of renting an office was a dream
And i started my practice under a tree!

Another milord said life was struggle
Every day was a new battle to win the war
So even though there was no office
I was happy to work from the boot of my car!

Even the suave milord who looks as if
He always resided on Privilege Street
Jumped into this chambers debate
And said he occupied just 120 square feet!

Thus other milords were left without
Any options to catch attention of media
At present they are maintaining silence
Till they too hit upon some better idea!

Those who had sought bigger spaces
Are now eating some humble pie
And wondering if it would be better
To squat somewhere under the open sky!