Strong Executive, weak courts: Collapsing edifice of judicial independence | Opinion

It is high time that the judiciary steps up to fulfill its constitutional defence role and ensure that the Constitution is not reduced to just another legal document.

October 10,2019


RTI & privacy: Need to find a confluence | Perspective

The apparent contradiction in two fundamental rights must be made resolved so that citizens and public servants across the nation are able to work in a fair manner in consonance with the law and the constitution.

October 7,2019


Why India must achieve linguistic equality | Opinion

Until a native speaker of an eighth schedule language other than Hindi answers the following question in the affirmative, we have a long way to go: Can I read the laws of my own country—that I love, in my own language that I speak?

September 30,2019


Ban on e-Cigarettes indicts tobacco industry for promoting cancer

The ban is historic because the tobacco industry has been in denial mode that tobacco causes cancer and poses a threat to public health.

September 20,2019


Like one person one vote, one candidate one seat policy needed | Comment

By-elections as an outcome of the evacuation of a seat either in the Parliament or in either house of the state legislature, are a burden on the public exchequer. The principle of ‘one person and one vote’ and ‘one candidate and one constituency’ must be strictly adhered to.

September 19,2019


Bringing NGOs under RTI ambit: Supreme Court judgment could have ensured legal certainty | Comment

The apex court on Tuesday held in a judgment that Non-governmental organisations “substantially” financed by the government fall within the ambit of the Right to Information Act

September 18,2019


Perspective | Check food wastage, set up community kitchens to achieve food security

Though Article 21 of the Constitution lists ‘Right to Food’ as a fundamental right of the citizens, an alarming number of people do not even get two squares meal a day in the country. 

September 9,2019


NRC busts the myth around massive illegal migration into Assam

The final list of National Register of Citizens has revealed that only five percent of the state's total population including those who did not submit their claims, were found not eligible “at present” or left out. But they can file an appeal before Foreigners Tribunals.

September 2,2019


Opinion | Article 370 aftermath: For how long can Kashmiris be kept quiet?

There is a realisation that a continuation of the clampdown beyond a reasonable period is not feasible and is bad publicity for the government. It’s an unwarranted step in a democracy.

August 26,2019


Opinion | Aadhaar-social media profile linkage will open Pandora’s box

Even if linking of Aadhaar is made mandatory for creating social media accounts in India, there is the issue of how to tackle a borderless world wide web

August 22,2019


Opinion | Doctors can play a key role in defusing distress in conflict zones

There is a growing realization among medical professionals that the academic activity has to be coordinated with the public activity. The medical journals are now engaging outside the boundaries of academics on the public health concerns.

August 21,2019


Opinion | Art, the final ‘illusion’ of freedom

When Justice Chandrachud, the dissenting judge in the UIDAI judgment, chose to remain mum on the contentious issues while delivering a lecture in Mumbai on Independence Day

August 19,2019

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