The illegitimacy of citizenship

“The power that categorizes identities into official recognitions of  citizenship and brutal denials of citizenship, is a monstrous power”

January 2,2020


The Elephant in the Room is NRC

The government must regain the trust of all Indians.

January 2,2020

Law and Technology

The changing face of intermediary liability in India

Call for greater accountability among intermediaries is not entirely misplaced, its proposed means to achieve this end has been far from ideal.

November 18,2019


A call to amend the Senior Citizen Act, 2007

Power of maintenance tribunals to order the eviction of neglectful children from the unauthorized occupation of parental home currently ambiguous

November 13,2019


As Delhi chokes it’s time to ask what we can do as citizens

Public emergency calls for public action

November 5,2019


A threat to the aviation industry

The AERA (Amendment) Act 2019 weakens the regulatory body

November 1,2019


A case for abjuring custodial interrogation

It violates the right against self-incrimination and the right to silence and is therefore unconstitutional

October 21,2019


Stink of sexism: When even gritty achievers become nameless wives

The media coverage of Esther Duflo’s achievement after she became second woman to win Noble in Economics last week, demonstrated how success stories of married women get overshadowed by their matrimonial status.

October 20,2019


Strong Executive, weak courts: Collapsing edifice of judicial independence | Opinion

It is high time that the judiciary steps up to fulfill its constitutional defence role and ensure that the Constitution is not reduced to just another legal document.

October 10,2019


RTI & privacy: Need to find a confluence | Perspective

The apparent contradiction in two fundamental rights must be made resolved so that citizens and public servants across the nation are able to work in a fair manner in consonance with the law and the constitution.

October 7,2019

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