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Opinion | Article 370 aftermath: For how long can Kashmiris be kept quiet?

There is a realisation that a continuation of the clampdown beyond a reasonable period is not feasible and is bad publicity for the government. It’s an unwarranted step in a democracy.

August 26,2019


Modi government’s worst legacy

Outlandish claims which were presented at one of the annual science congresses which made the Nobel laureate Venkataraman Ramakrishnan describe the conclaves as a “circus”, vowing never to attend them again. The latest Science Congress has seen similar embarrassing claims such as that the gravitational waves will soon be renamed as Narendra Modi waves and that the gravitational lensing effect will become known as the Harsh Vardhan effect.

January 7,2019


#AssemblyElectionsResults: No ‘Congress-mukt India’ yet

It goes without saying that the Congress’s good showing in the three states is Rahul Gandhi’s big moment. He led the party from the front by effectively replying to Narendra Modi’s barbs with the video which the Congress president tweeted about the prime minister’s incessant harping on the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty being perhaps the most telling riposte.

December 11,2018


Why is General Bipin Rawat singling Pakistan out?

It is not for India, let alone its army chief, to tell Pakistan how to run its affairs even if India does not approve of its form of governance with its dominant military presence or the religious-oriented character of its society. All that is in the domain of the Pakistani people and it is up to them to retain or reject them.

December 3,2018


Retreating from Nehruvian ideals?

At a time of frenetic saffronisation – defying the judiciary on temples and erasing Muslim names – the Congress has to reiterate what Nehru said about India being a land of many faiths where no one religion should dominate.

November 14,2018


BJP willing to court contempt of court to stoke communal fires

Legal impediments are unlikely to deter the party when it feels that the raising of religious fervour is the only way to overcome the government’s inability to keep its promise of vikas. While the RSS’ Mohan Bhagwat is calling for an ordinance to start building Ram temple, the BJP has decided to make full use of the Sabarimala issue even though it involves flouting the landmark Supreme Court judgment.  

October 29,2018


RSS chief’s glasnost speech was a jumla

It is difficult to see in what way the likes of Pranab Mukherjee or Kailash Satyarthi can gain by associating with an organization which had been banned several times, including in the aftermath of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination because of suspected complicity.

October 22,2018


NRC bogey is a cynical election tool

Behind this orchestrated targeting of the immigrants is the party’s need to pose as the sole saviour of the nation in the run-up to the next general election when all other parties are unwilling, in its view, to denounce the “aliens” and take effective steps against them because they are a part of the Muslim vote bank of the “secular” parties.

September 17,2018