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An ordeal

TO get a matter listed on board
Is now an ordeal full of tension
For there is a humongous queue
Only for circulation to mention!

After much pushing, shoving
And getting your arm twisted
If you succeed in mentioning
Your matter may not get listed!

Urgent production of case-papers
The registry’s role has increased
For your matter to move smoothly
Every element has to be greased

Sure we all wish for success
But in listing itself we often fail
With many circulations granted
Milords often their board curtail

If your case still doesn’t reach
You have no right to ask “Why?”
Just spend a bit more next time
Get your matter positioned high!

Frustrated and angry lawyers
Think this system’s deranged
Before they voice a grievance
The assignment has changed!

Assume by sheer luck or chance
Your matter is listed without fuss
Milords may simply smile and say
“It is wrongly listed before us!”