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General Elections 2019: Advocates’ group urges voters to challenge election of candidates with a criminal past

Provides draft election petition; calls on lawyers across to country to help voters for free

June 9,2019


पर्यावरणीय समाजवाद: उत्तम पूर्वज असलेला समाज

या ग्रहावरील जीवनाचा कायमचा विनाश होऊ नये म्हणून व भावी पिढीचे उत्तम पूर्वज होण्यासाठी ‘पर्यावरणीय समाजवाद’ स्थापन करणे हा एकच पर्याय आहे.

June 9,2019

Case update

Gauhati High Court comes to the rescue of Kargil war veteran

Orders his release from detention centre

June 7,2019


Mephisto is closer than we think, says Justice Gautam Patel

A brief summary of Justice Gautam Patel’s J B D’Souza Memorial Lecture

June 5,2019


NGT fines Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal Rs 25 lakh each for failure to clean the Ganga

Threatens to recover costs from officers unless stringent action taken to control river pollution

June 3,2019

अर्धी दुनिया

सुलतानाचे स्वप्न

सुल्तानाज ड्रीम’ ही कथा १९०५ साली लिहिण्यात आली होती व त्या काळात या विरोधात वादळ उठले होते.

June 2,2019

Case update

Delhi HC issues notice on PIL seeking declaration that access to job opportunities is a facet of the right to life

Exorbitant fees for entrance examinations for public sector jobs violates the spirit of the Constitution

June 1,2019

Law and Citizenship

Delhi HC quashes “Leave India” notice issued to Pakistani spouse of Indian citizen

Right to life includes the right of young children to live with their mother, says court

May 31,2019

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