Worse than a bribe

A judge may be sweet
His judgments delicious
He may play to the gallery
But he musn’t be ambitious

While it’s perched on a tree
But keeps looking at the sky
Those who know will realise
This bird intends to fly high

Lordship will have to make
Peace with compromises
For guessing what they are
We are offering no prizes

If the end justifies the means
The means could be wrong
Once you join their orchestra
You have to sing their song

And this will go on and on
Throughout one’s career
Contents will be suspicious
Irrespective of the veneer

The journey can be aborted
By some unexpected blip
Because there’s many a slip
Between the cup and the lip

That’s why we keep hearing
From wise men of this tribe
“For a judge to be ambitious
Is worse than taking a bribe!”