Raju Z Moray

| @ | May 22,2020

We the free People of India
Whom all were meant to serve
Are now ruled by those rulers
We didn’t do anything to deserve!

The public doesn’t count anymore
It’s servants are now it’s bosses
What counts is their growth rate
Not we, the poor peoples’ losses..

They swear by the Constitution
Then put it out of harm’s way
We law abiding people of India
Wait for a real Independence Day

Their breakfast itself is so lavish
They swallow up all the Equality
We the hungry people can chew on
Some Justice, Liberty and Fraternity

Academia stays politically correct
Doesn’t even risk a critical gamble
A retired Chief Justice comes to talk
And sticks to platitude filled Preamble!

The safest topic in troubled times
Is the unity and integrity of the Nation
The dignity of the individual can wait
While people queue up for their ration!


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