Raju Z Moray

| @ | May 28,2020

When we imposed the lockdown

We got no time to use our brains

To assert we are back in control

Why have resolved to start the trains!


Ever since the tough call was taken

Critics kept asking us “Why?”

Now that we are making amends

They object to traffic in the sky!


Our popularity on rapid nose-dive,

We decided to climb charts quicker

We also had to refill empty coffers

So we promptly liberated liquor …


It’s easy to criticise our glitches

But no one can call us fools

See our committment to education

We decided to open the schools!


Summertime goes,monsoon comes

Diseases have booked their season

Coronavirus got in without a ticket

Targetting sick and old without reason …


We are winning with alternatives

Relying on traditions,and how!

Taking deep breaths,chanting mantras

Sipping urine of Holy Mother Cow …


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