Raju Z Moray

| @ | April 27,2020

For warring couples

This Lockdown

Is turning out to be

A big let-down


COVID-19 has been

A massive spoilsport

Depriving them of

Their contests in court


This is very serious

Not at all funny

These major battles

For a bit of alimony


For some couples

Peaks of success

Were scaled by custody

And amount of access


Now it isn’t the same

If you know what I mean

Social Distancing means

Hugs mimed on screen


All the salaries affected

And all the jobs lost

In matrimonial cases

Involve a hidden cost


It is not just about

The indefinite delay

But of the spouse’s

Impaired ability to pay


For some this situation

Has opened possibilities

To conveniently shirk

Parental responsibilities


While some believe

There’s a Greater Force

In charge of fixing dates

For their elusive divorce …

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