Vacation versus Election

The black coats are happy
A vacation is on the way
A time when time seems lost
Every day feels like Sunday

Spoilsports got around to
Phasing elections in this way
When the heat is at its peak
Even milords wish to run away

Most gowns have got caught
Between hard place and rock
They now have to choose
Between booth and Bangkok

Most of my learned friends
From juniormost to seniors
Think that most contestants
Deserve kicks on posteriors

They say: “My friend,
There is none we can love
And it makes no sense
To press “None of the above”

“Choose saffron, green or blue
Choose the young or the old
What difference does it make
When all can be bought and sold?”

Fat cats of Bar say: “If you must,
Go perform your sacred duty.
But we are off to Switzerland
To enjoy cool clime and beauty.”

The Leaflet