Thou shall not lick

Whenever you have to open your mouth

For giving an opinion or during some viva

What matters nowadays is not your say

But the trajectory of your airborne saliva …


Spittle has always been accessible and free

And thus, was a boon for the litigating public

Lawyers, munshis, litigants relied on tongues

To give the court fee stamps a lick & stick!


Court corridors offer historical evidence

Of the fate of cases, of litigants’ rise and fall

To commemorate their wins and losses

Litigants have left red blotches on the wall …


Whether it’s discussion in the boardroom

Or solemn sermon delivered from a pulpit

In those good old days before COVID-19

No one expended much thought on spit!


But now Circulars have become necessary

To keep lawyers and litigants in good nick

A District & Sessions judge has just ordered

“Thou may plead but thou shall not lick!”


Whether in pagination or for envelopes

With saliva no connection can be had

All of us will have to change our habits

And switch to plastic sponge damper pad!