Those who don’t fit in

Lamenting the continued incarceration and persecution of intellectuals who differ with the views and policies of the ruling party, RAJU Z MORAY pens a poem to highlight how they have been continuously denied bail while we stand and applaud a rare paean to liberty in the Arnab Goswami’s case.


There is a class of people
Who can think and speak
Their words have energy
To motivate the weak

Well-informed, articulate
They read a lot and write
And ignite in the hope-less
An inspiration to fight

The Powers everywhere
Hate these and their kind
Because they wage war
In the realms of the mind

They think up strategies
To prosecute and enmesh
Or let them go the way of

For those who don’t fit in
The blueprint of the Nation
Laws have become pathways
With prisons as destination

When there is no case
To convict, sentence and jail
A stratagem is adopted
To endlessly deny bail

And it is here that everyone
Seems to be losing hope
As judges seem oblivious
Of the Constitutional scope

What the real situation is
Is there for all to see
Yet we stand and applaud
A rare paean to Liberty

This is the time to strive
To solemnly resolve and fight
To question all the wrongs
When we know we are right…

(Raju Z Moray is an advocate who practices law in the Bombay High Court when not puncturing bloated egos. He is the creator of ‘Gobble D. Gook’, his alter-ego, who figured in the ‘Court Jester’ columns of ‘The Lawyers’.)