The Solicitor’s General Lecture

When the Solicitor began his General Lecture

Milords realised they were in for a long haul

But to ask him to be specific and to the point

None of them they appeared in thrall..


The lecture was delivered with belligerent gusto

Those who tutored him will hardly detect any flaw

The truth of the matter according to observers is

That the Solicitor didn’t touch any issue of law!


He first questioned those who raised the issue

As spreaders of negativity, prophets of doom

Then ridiculed critics and NGOs as vultures

Who saw just muck but not the lotus bloom!


Even the High Courts did not escape attention

In keeping with his client’s current temperament

Those who had issued notices,called for answers

Were lambasted for running a parallel government!


Senior lawyers concerns were just brushed aside

He said there was no courtesy shown to the nation

Because Milords were engrossed in taking notes

He even cited a fake WhatsApp forward with passion!


Why did mighty Milords tolerate this charade?

Is the question which anyone would rightly ask..

An effective answer which Milords could give

Is to crack the whip and take the Solicitor to task!