Raju Z Moray

| @ | April 24,2020

The gates of the Courts are open wide

If time and tide are on your side

An independent judiciary for the public

Will surely protect the Republic …


Everything unfolds here as per script

There is no secret code to uncrypt

The channels then convince everyone

That complete justice has been done …


The eternal couch potatoes clap

At every dished up recipe of crap

And those who habitually cock a snook

Are applauded for the trouble they took …


Hardly anyone bothers with original views

They just regurgitate the Breaking News

I for one am tired of this sickening show

But what can I do? The Nation wants to know!


Cynics say the system has gone to dogs

With its numerous hypocrisies and clogs

But anyone with consideration minimal

Will spare that friendly, faithful animal…

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