The cup and the lip

The Union Government is yet to clear 26 names recommended as judges of the Bombay High Court, which is currently functioning at almost half its strength, according to this Indian Express exclusive.

– Editor


Even those who by now
Have resigned to their fate
Find what’s most appalling
Is uncertainty of the wait

When they were asked
“Would you like to join?”
They had all said “yes”
Without tossing a coin

With names forwarded
By the local collegium
They felt like new players
Entering an old stadium

Well-wishers and mentors
Awaiting their appointment
With such long lapse of time
Cannot hide disappointment

Even after Supreme milords
Have forwarded their names
No tangible result has come
People are still playing games

Some who had a re-think
Or were beginning to repent
Have already given up waiting
And withdrawn their consent

With good prospects leaving
Questionable ones will remain
We, the people, are so helpless
In this non-transparent domain

For all the elevation aspirants
Here is a wholly gratuitous tip:
“Remember there’s many a slip
Between the cup and the lip!”