Temporary High Court

The Bombay HC building
Which has won many a plaudit
Shall now be subjected to
A thorough structural audit

Black coats multiplying all over
Are quite a vociferous bunch
They said the heritage building
Was facing a space crunch

South Mumbai had been grabbed
By those who ruled, had clout
Leaving no scope in Island City
For moving the high court out

Various venues were mooted
But all of them were rejected
Black coats never give up
Even when they are dejected

Finally, Bar moved the Bench
And milords urged “Give land!
Not tomorrow, but today
For a new complex grand.”

Orders followed post haste
For acres by BKC highway side
But the fact of the matter was
That land is fully occupied!

So alternative plans are afoot
To shift parts of HC somewhere
In bits and pieces for now
Some here and some there

Vacant government premises
From Nariman Point to Fort
May now well become part
Of our Temporary High Court!

The Leaflet