Supreme Court takes note of viral meme falsely attributing call for street protests to the CJI

The court has said it is going to ensure strong action by appropriate authorities against the meme wrongly asserting that the Chief Justice of India Dr D.Y. Chandrachud has asked people to “come out on the streets and ask the government about their rights”

THE Supreme Court has sharply denounced a viral meme which falsely attributes a call for public protests against the authorities to the Chief Justice of India (CJI) Dr D.Y. Chandrachud.

The meme uses the CJI’s file photo and reads, “We are trying our best to save the Constitution of India, democracy of India, but your cooperation is also very important for this, all the people should unite and come out on the streets and ask the government about their rights (sic)”

The post goes on to say that, “This dictatorial government will scare people, threaten them but you don’t have to be afraid, keep courage and ask the government to account, I am with you (sic).”

A press note issued by the public relations officer (PRO) of the court states that the post is “fake, ill-intended and mischievous”.

No such post has been issued by the CJI nor has he authorised any such post,” the note adds.

The press note also states that the Supreme Court is taking appropriate action in this regard through the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

The post can be seen in the backdrop of the continuing strain in the relations between the judiciary and the executive in the recent past, from attacks on the collegium system to questioning the need for the ‘basic structure’ doctrine.

It seems to be a mischievous attempt to tap into the desire of a section of the population that feel that the judiciary, as the ‘last bastion of freedom’ in India, should play a more proactive role in the developments in the country.

The judiciary is unlikely to play to the gallery on the issue.