Sitting late

The adjournment culture
Has gone on for a while
But it is never too late
To forsake this old style

Milords are reading briefs
Milords are deciding fate
To deliver justice on time
Milords are sitting late!

Don’t envy their vacations
See how much they work
Milords allege it is lawyers
Who try to dodge and shirk

They say we’re prepared
To hear, decide and do
But lawyers ask for time
They don’t want to argue

Hail milords commitment
To believe it must be seen
Milords did not rise at four
Kept sitting till five-fifteen!

Though it does not eat into
Their precious family time
It affects chamber research
And delays justice sublime

Praise milords who believe
Such sacrifices must be seen
May be that’s the reason why
We think they are supreme!

Let us however not forget
Workhorses who never tired
They burnt the midnight oil
Until they routinely retired..