Raju Z Moray

| @ | May 4,2020

You are a salesman of ideas

And the judge is your customer

Courts could be shopping malls

But they shut down before dinner


The idea is to sell your product

Go here,there with this and that

You have to walk that thin line

(Which is difficult if you are fat!)


Judges are tough customers

And can sometimes be a pain

So create a win-win situation

Where all have something to gain


When you are a leading counsel

You may inadvertently mislead

But that’s what you are paid for

A pleader is supposed to plead


In the shops of social justice

Customers seek big discounts

You, therefore, must make sure

That every Gold Mohur counts


You’ll know you’ve succeeded

And have finally made a sale

When your high-profile client

Walks out of the shop with bail …


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