Second Thoughts

The number two may appear to be on a roll
But the number one must always be in control
No doubt every trade will have it’s own tricks
This is true whether it is in law or in politics

When the grand old man of law said I quit
No one  in high places thought much of it.
Because they always had someone in mind
A replacement appeared quite easy to find

And when big boss himself with 56 inch smile
To make an offer walks that additional mile
Who can refuse the temptation and the power?
Thus they thought they had their man for the hour!

A country’s top law officer has to take many a call
He has to strive to maintain high standards overall
Thus he must always enjoy full freedom to decide
He must hold the reins..never be taken for a ride!

Then again is there anything that anyone can do
If peering over the shoulder is your number two?
So it was good that in a system that quickly rots
The chosen one chose to have second thoughts!